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Katja HerrmannAutorin


Green eyes, enchanting, beautiful!
Quiet as the sea in a secret bay.
Porcellan skin, so marvelous...
As if there was a light within.
Framed by long hair,
Dark as a precious bird`s black wing.

Blessed with an angle`s voice,
Bright as the golden glow of a dawning day,
So crystal clear, so sweet and tender,
Like the awakening from Sleeping Beauty`s sleep.
And then so powerful, so strong again,
Vibrating like a drummer`s beat.
Inside my body and my mind.
Seductive combination of a kind,
I`ve never known before:
Making me laugh, making me weep,
Raising a hunger for emotions deep...
Touching like a thousand poisoned kisses
Forever burning soul and skin -
A haunted game, I`m more than in.

You are my "Winter Storm"!
You are my "Crimson Deep".
From now you are my only way:
A feeling irreversible -
Come what may.

© Katja Herrmann (April 2017)




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